Homeworkers Directory

There is a tremendous need for homeworkers in every area! No matter what your age or where you live you can work at home as an independent worker.

A.P.E. Publishing has been helping homeworkers since 1992. We have painstakenly compiled the necessary information to help people just like you. We help you find pleasant, fulfilling work that you do from home. We show you how to get paid by working from home and make nice extra money.


Wouldn’t you like to have a higher income every week doing legitimate easy work from the comfort of your home?  These uncertain economic times have made it impossible for most families to make ends meet without a reliable second income. You’ll probably agree that working away from home for that extra income of $5 or $6 per hour is hardly worth your time.

Being your own boss means no one is looking over your shoulder to meet their agenda and worse, still paying you the same least amount possible to keep you around. You can set your own hours to meet your personal needs awhile still getting the work done.


This recently revised one of a kind guide is not available except by mail and will show you step by step how to:

  • personally understand and make money from the current homework explosion.
  • choose the right work opportunity in the guide to meet your particular needs
  • show you how to get started possibly working in your own business

Some of the opportunites in our book are probably with companies you’re familiar with, but most are hard to find companies. They are actively looking for homeworkers to participate in fun, exciting and rewarding work.

Our listed work opportunities describe the name of the company, their mailing and web address, detailed description of the work offered and what they pay.Many of the listings also include their phone numbers. Some require small start up fees but many require no fees at all.

A.P.E. Publishing has published our one of a kind directory since 1992 and have been constantly revising and perfecting it based upon our customer feedback and changing needs. We are persistently asked by companies to advertise their opportunities in our guidebood but we don’t accept any advertising, so we’ve selected each work opportunity we choose to include in our guidebook  based solely on its own merits.


Our directory even includes a section on “learning opportunities for working from home” which identifies which is the best online schools for a particular opportunity listed in our guidebook, if you want  to learn new skills or brush up on old ones . From the best online sewing schools to secretarial schools, we’ve got them listed and described.

In our guide, we only include a listing if that company doesn’t prohibit you from working for one or more companies. This is a trememdous feature for the serious homeworker who wants to really fast track to a better life.

REMEMBER,  we have also included detailed descriptions of how to get started working for yourself IN YOUR OWN BUSINESS. These selections range from publishing and distributing your own guide describing the most consumer items in your area, to how to make REAL MONEY IN A HOME BASED MAILING SERVICE. WE SHOW YOU HOW!!

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We offer a Full 30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee just in case you are dissatisfied for ANY reason. You can just return the directory to us in reusable condition for an immediate refund of your purchase price. You can keep the complimentary Home Mailer Program as you are permanently eligible to use it. This is no-risk opportunity so that you can test out the program for yourself. You'll be glad you did!

You really have nothing to lose and so much to gain, so order NOW!


You can start your new exciting money making adventure today.